Scholastic Programs Include:

  • On - Campus School Group Lessons - Chess Instructors come toyour school on a regularly scheduledbasisand teach students everythingfrom fundamentals to advancedtacticsdepending on the individualstudent needs. All instructors are USCF rated, experienced instructors, high rated tournament players and tournament directors.
  • Chess Camps - Dark Knight Chess specializes in providing customized Chess Camps for school groups. If students are preparing for Regional's, State, National's, or just need to improve on their chess skills, we can create a custom chess camp to suit students needs. ChessCamps can be heldatyour location as one - day Saturday events or can run as one - weekfull day events during the Winter, Spring or Summer Break. Camps consist of Structured Lessons, Tactics Practice, Problem Solving Skillsand a limited amount of free play.
  • Teacher Workshops - 4hr. workshops that will cover 1.) Starting a chess club, 2.) Teaching the basics of chess and 3.) Competitive chess in Texas. The workshop will also include a digital teacher's copy of Dark Knights Chess Lesson Plans along with worksheet printables that can be used with students. (with this program, teachers can learn to play chess along with their students)
  • On - Site USCF Tournament Management - USCF Tournaments are runand coordinated by Anthony Guerra, Local USCF TD.                           Our Part:

  1. Promote and distribute event information to all our chess contacts,including faxing all area school districts.
  2. Coordinate registrations(we do all the computer work and can handle the complete registrationprocess if desired.) 
  3. Provide all necessary Tournament Directors for theEvent. Assist in space planning and set-up.
  4. Submit the USCF RatingReports and provide the school with a complete break-down at the end ofthe Event.
  5. Offer High  Quality, Low-Cost Trophies for theEvent. School Part:
  1. Assign a contact person
  2. Provide adequate space forevent.


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